Laboratory Instruments

Operating from Himachal Pradesh, India, Laboid International is catering to the requirements for laboratory instruments. Our company is export-oriented company that fabricates the range as per the international standards. These set of instruments are required for different purposes and applications that are educational, research and industrial. We can supply Laboratory Rocking Platform, Digital pH meter, Digital Photo colorimeter and many other instruments for your lab. These are everyday use lab instruments that are energy efficient and safe to use. Analysis, measurement, testing and several other operations can be carried out making use of these laboratory instruments. 
Product Image (LCFS SERIES)


Price: 90000 INR/Unit

LABOID Capsule Filtration System for solvents is ideal for pharmaceutical process development labs and for analytical labs requiring relatively larger volumes of particle free high purity solvents.

Product Image (LIS-40)

Bag Mixers Stomachers

Price: 55500.00 - 75500.00 INR/Piece

The LABOID STOMACHER LIS-40 efficiently blends any type of sample, avoiding risk of cross-contamination. It is adapted to all types of applications and compatible with all blender bags. The patented Click and Clean click-on paddles enable access directly to the blending chamber for deep cleaning.

Product Image (LVF-221)

Vein Finder

Price: 3000.00 INR/Unit

Laboid LVF-221 is the new export quality model of Laboid with stronger illumination to find deeper veins. LVF-221 is a useful device at times of difficult situation where vein access becomes a challenge. LVF-221 helps in detection of desired vein and highlight vein bifurcation.This device can be used in various specialties like ANAESTHETIC , PAEDIATRIC , ONCOLOGY, NURSING Homes , PATHOLOGY LABS , Nephrology BLOOD BANK , OPERATION THEATRE , ICU , NICU ETC where phlebotomy / I.V. calculation & blood collection.

Product Image (LBCC-08)

Blood Cell Counter 8 Key

Price: 1200.00 INR/Unit

We are one of the leading organization engaged in providing excellent quality Blood Cell Counter 8 Key, which are manufactured by using high grade material. These Blood Cell Counter 5 Key are widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. High in demand, these Blood Cell Counter 5 Key are available at most reasonable prices.

Product Image (LI/DOS series)

Digital Orbital Shaker

Price: 26500.00 - 35500.00 INR/Unit

Digital Orbital Shaker LI/DOS series is designed for shaking, mixing and aeration applications. It features adjustable speed control that provides gentle to vigorous agitation. The low noise and stable operation makes it suitable for use in different laboratories like molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, chemistry, etc.

Product Image (LBDI-FP954)

Microprocessor Flame Photometer

Price: 48500.00 - 65500.00 USD ($)/Unit

Features and functions: 1.) Four element measurement in a single aspiration (Na, K, Li and Ca) 2.) Curve calibration using up to 5 standards 3.) Calibration curve fit routines first order and second order 4.) Multiple calibration curve saving facility 5.) Sample data storage 6.) Printer attachment 7.) Data displayed in concentration units i.e. ppm and meq

Product Image (LBI-449pH)

Digital pH meter

Price: 12500.00 - 15500.00 INR/Unit

Digital pH meter is a small compact sized electronic device which is widely used in laboratories and industries like chemical, food processing and many more to check the hydrogen ion activity in water based solutions. It is provided with a highly sensitive electrical unit which is controlled with a number of controlling knobs. Digital pH meter offered by us is designed with advanced equipment which results in high accuracy and gives the value in numeric form on a bright LED display. It is comprised of measuring probes which is attached to an electronic circuitry that displays to read pH reading.

Product Image (LDC-504)

Digital Colony counter

Price: 3500.00 - 5500.00 INR/Unit

An Accurate & Easy to Use Instrument for Counting of Bacterial & Mould Colonies in Petri dishes.

Product Image (LBDI-FP953)

Digital Flame Photometer

Price: 22500.00 - 28500.00 INR/Unit

Laboid International are catering DIGITAL FLAME PHOTOMETER to our clients based globally. These are available at optimum prices with customized solutions as per clients specifications. Owing to the quality standards, these are highly demanded and are at par with international quality Standards Features :- Dual Channel Display Stainless steel round burner Concentric Non-Corrosive Nebulizer Narrow Band interference Filters

Product Image (LBIP-442)

Digital Photo colorimeter

Price: 3500.00 - 5500.00 INR/Unit

Our Model is the finest Photoelectric Colorimeter that combine convenience in operation with high precision & accuracy in analysis. The result in the form of optical density transmission are available on the display. Eight imported optical glass filters covering complete visible range of 400-700mm are mounted on a rotating disc. Its all imported filters makes it highly accurate as per international standards. Highly sensitive photo sensor and use of latest IC technology makes the instruments highly rugged, and economical in maintenance. A minimum sample volume of 1 ml is required to carer out the analysis. Provision has been made to switch on the lamp source only when required, there by increasing the life of the photodiode.

Product Image (LRM-81)

Laboratory Rotary Mixer

Price: 8500.00 - 12500.00 INR/Unit

Laboid Rotary Mixer use in Medical laboratory

Product Image (LBM-91)

Blood Roller Mixer

Price: 5500.00 - 9500.00 INR/Unit

Laboid Blood Roller Mixer is a high performance shake less and gentle mixing for making the blood homogeneous. It is provided with four rollers having a diameter of a 230 millimetres which rotates at the speed of 30 to 36 rounds per minutes at a voltage of 110 to 230 volts. It is especially designed to achieve the uniformity in the serological samples for increasing the sensitivity of the planned testing. Blood Roller Mixer is equipped with a gentle rocking and rolling system for optimum mixing. The premium grade brushless DC motor installed in the device offers a quiet operation and maintenance free operation.

Product Image (LRP-71)

Laboratory Rocking Platform

Price: 8500.00 - 12500.00 INR/Unit

Laboid Rocking Platform use in Medical Laboratory


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