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Microtomes are essential laboratory instrument that have evolved with time. Electric microtomes have replaced manual microtomes. Our company brings forth both, semi automatic and automatic rotary microtome, in addition to Spencer type rotary microtome. This is the most common instrument with high cutting speed, precision and easy operations. With current design innovations, these microtomes ensure stability during operations. These comprises base plate, knife holder, knife holder base, block holder, coarse handwheel, advanced handwheel and micron adjustment. Other types of microtomes customers can avail from us are Cryostat microtome and more. Interested buyers can compare the different microtomes available and find the best for their labs. 
Product Image (LATP-77)

Automatic Tissue processor

Price: 375000 INR/Unit

LABOID Automatic Tissue Processor is designed to prevent a solution to the rapid processing of tissue in Histology Laboratories. LATP - 77 removes all the water from a tissue sample and replace it with paraffin wax with optimum speed to curtail damage to the tissues caused by dehydration and shrinkage.

Product Image (LBIT-ES19T)

Tissue Embedding station

Price: 300000.00 - 450000.00 INR/Unit

Tissue embedding centre and cooling plate are used to embed pathological tissue . It is also used to cool the tissue or zoological and botanical tissues after embedding .The advanced control microprocessor have been applied to this machine . It has functions of temperature control located on 5 parts , and multiple over heat protection devices. Users can decide time of power on / off by functions by timing power on / off and preset time of the week . Tissue embedding can immediately commence as soon as paraffin block melts.

Product Image (LBIP-WD8)

Wax dispenser

Price: 55000.00 - 75000.00 INR/Unit

The paraffin dispensers with a digital display have high heating performance and a precise temperature regulation unequalled by other instruments in this field. The material is dispensed through the heated dispenser nozzle, It serves to avoid the complicated and time-consuming melting of paraffin using Bunsen burners, ovens or pots and helps saving space in the laboratory.

Product Image (LBIM-SRM4)

Rotary Microtome fully Automatic

Price: 495000.00 - 595000.00 INR/Unit

Incorporates an international advanced screw motion mechanism to ensure precision, thus achieving superior sectioning performance. Pure-green digital display of slice thickness, trimming thickness, slice count and slice speed. Trimming and slicing are operated under a control system and can be switched easily. Automatic slicing speed is continuously adjustable with safety and emergency braking system, security alarm systems, driver overload protection and an auto-sleep protection system.

Product Image (LBIM-SRM1)

Rotary Microtome Spencer type

Price: 32500.00 - 45500.00 INR/Unit

We are instrumental in bringing forward this precisely designed Rotary Microtome. Our Rotary Microtome is available with a counter balancing wheel, automatic feed mechanism and feed release. Its heavy casted base plate fitted with heavy rubber pads provides better grip.

Product Image (LBIM-RM2)

Rotary Microtome

Price: 195000.00 - 295000.00 INR/Unit

The model has been designed keeping the view the user comfort for which the coarse feed wheel is kept close to the operator. The Microtome has a low maintenance precision microtome feed system and cross roller guides are maintenance free. The Microtome has a low maintenance precision microtome feed system and cross roller guides are maintenance free.

Product Image (LBIM-CM1)

Cryostat Microtome

Price: 345000.00 - 595000.00 INR/Unit

LABOID Cryostat Microtome has a spacious cryo chamber with chamber illumination to have clear visibility during sectioning

Product Image (LBIM-SRM3)

Rotary Microtome Semi Automatic

Price: 1 USD ($)/Unit

Ergonomic design, Compact Dimensions, Vertical guidance by zero-backlash and maintenance free cross roller bearings.


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