Laboratory Oven & Incubator

Laboratory Oven & Incubator are completely closed variable temperature closed cabin which is especially designed for the treatment of various laboratory tool and equipments. These are designed for the sterilization and to clean the tools for their reuse. The frame of this machine is fabricate by using best grade materials which makes them highly rigid and resistant against the impact of temperature. Laboratory Oven & Incubator can also be used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures by providing a suitable environment. These are provided with a hinged door which is provided with a control panel on the outer side to adjust the conditions inside the chamber.
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Laboratory Incubator

Price: 15500.00 - 22500.00 INR/Unit

Laboratory Incubator provided by us is crucial laboratory equipment that provides a temperature-controlled environment for microbiological culture growth. Coli form determination, egg incubation, heated storage, food, and beverage testing, and pharmaceutical testing are some of the other applications. They will also be given a high-calorie formula and will receive any extra therapy they require.Laboratory Incubator is a heated, insulated chamber where microbiological or cell cultures are grown and maintained.A baby incubator aids in temperature regulation. This is very effective and safe to use.

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Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Price: 15500.00 - 28500.00 INR/Unit

Hot air ovens are electrical devices used in sterilization. Generally, they can be operated from 50 to 260C There is a thermostat controlling the temperature. These are digitally controlled to maintain the temperature. Their double walled insulation keeps the heat in and conserves energy, the inner layer being a poor conductor and outer layer being metallic. There is also an air filled space in between to aid insulation. An air circulating fan helps in uniform distribution of the heat. These are fitted with the adjustable wire mesh plated trays or aluminum trays and may have an on/off rocker switch, as well as indicators and controls for temperature and holding time. The capacities of these ovens vary.


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